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Is your company struggling with cash flow?

Your businesses may be fundamentally sound but have problems accessing bank loans or managing your cash flow – and this may be threatening your very existence. Is your business is in danger of becoming insolvent? You might be in a tight spot and dogged by the mounting stresses caused by the worry of liabilities that can sometimes be taken on personally by trading whilst insolvent. Are any of your customers difficult payers? Slow payers can be a tell-tale sign of a problem. We may be able to help these companies become a more stable and valued customer for you. If you’re having a problem seeing your way through, perhaps we may be able to offer an alternative solution. We invest in, and buy, distressed companies.

Personal Info:

Phone: 07951616311

Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street

Email: leonard@t-holdings.co.uk.

Website: www.t-holdings.co.uk

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